About us

The Małopolska Wytwórnia Maszyn Brzesko Ltd. (MWM Brzesko Ltd.), the machine manufacturing company in Brzesko, was founded in 2000. It benefited from the long tradition and experience of the Transport Stock and Equipment Repair Plant, a company active on the Polish market since 1975. The management of the MWM Brzesko Ltd. has defined three priorities as prerequisites for the fulfillment of company's mission:

  • Determination of the customer target group and their needs which are to be satisfied by the Company
  • Determination of the company's activities that could satisfy the customers' needs
  • Determination of the methods and ways to guarantee effectiveness in the market

In consideration of these priorities, MWM Brzesko Ltd. has defined its mission:

  • Our activity is to target a wide circle of waste disposal companies, environment-friendly businesses and local governments
  • The company's business is to manufacture vehicles and equipment for environmental protection

Success on the market will be achieved by:

  • Reliability in meeting the expectations of our customers
  • Offering quality products at competitive prices
  • Providing a professional customer-friendly service
  • Applying technologies enabling goods and services' delivery at competitive costs without compromising their quality
  • Meeting the customers' requirements by offering products and services that are unique on the market
  • Utilising our manufacturing and development skills potential to meet individual customer's requirements and designs

The main task of our company with respect to potential shareholders is to achieve an optimum return on invested capital, a steady profit growth and proper management of assets. We assume that the business must be conducted in a way to produce a positive response in our environment, the support of which will enhance our stability and the growth process.

The Małopolska Wytwórnia Maszyn Brzesko Sp. z o.o. invites your co-operation and welcomes investment offers. We are also prepared to undertake joint ventures on the basis of the potential available.