It has a side device for lifting and emptying containers.

The characteristics of this model are:

- the vehicle is manufactured on the chassis of vehicles with permissible gross vehicle weight from 8 to 12 tons

- the deck capacity from 8 to 12.5 m3

- the carrying capacity 5700-6000 kg (on the chassis with GVW of 12 tons)

- the garbage truck is adapted to handle containers from 110 to 1100 liters

- high degree of compaction of waste through the use of linear compacting and push out mechanism (2-5 fold linear press)

- the small size allows for its efficient use in high-density housing, narrow streets, park alleys, etc.

- very large carrying capacity in relation to its dimensions

- possibility of loading about 16 to 20 1100-liter containers

- possibility to carry over 5.5 tons of waste,

The SK-1 garbage truck is available with the body made of stainless steel as the sealed version – for collecting and transporting slaughterhouse waste. Such a vehicle may be equipped with a bridge and wire rope winch (photo).

At the request of our clients, the SK-1 model can also be enclosed with alluminum plate (photo).

  • SK-1-1
  • SK-1-2
  • SK-1-3
  • SK-1-4
  • SK-1-5
  • SK-1-6
  • SK-1-7
  • SK-1-8
  • SK-1-9

Dane techniczne produktu SK-1

Chassis types (examples)

MAN TGL 12.180
Renault Midlum 190.12

IVECO Eurocargo 120E22K

 MAN 8.140
Kerb weight Ok. 6200 kg Ok. 5 000 kg
Weight of carried garbage Ok. 5700 kg Ok. 2 490 kg
Permissible gross vehicle weight              11 990 kg 7 490 kg
Deck capacity 12,5 m3 8,0 m3
Lifting capacity of the lifting device 560 kg
Loading mechanism of the deck                  Hydraulic - side
The degree of compaction 2 – 5
Type of containers used PA-1,1; SM-110; 120; 240 l