It has a side device for lifting and emptying containers. The biggest advantages of the SK-2 are large operating efficiency, manoeuvrability thanks to the small size, high versatility, possibility to clean pedestrian areas.

This model is available in a version compatible with 110-240l containers as well as 1,100 liters! (SK-2d model)

SK-2 garbage truck characteristics:

- the vehicle is manufactured on the chassis of vehicles with permissible gross vehicle weight from 3.5 to 7.2 tons

- the deck capacity from 5.5 m3 to 8 m3

- the carrying capacity from 550 kg to 2 850 kg

- possibility of handling 110, 120, 240 and 1,100 liters containers!

- high degree of compaction of waste through the use of linear compacting and push out mechanism, 1-5 fold linear press

The characteristic features of this system allow for its efficient use in high-density housing, narrow streets, park alleys, etc. It may be used as a universal garbage truck for rural areas and small towns.  

Dane techniczne

Chassis types   Nissan Cabstar Iveco Daily 35C15 Mercedes Sprinter IVECO Daily 70C17 
Kerb weight          
Weight of carried garbage   750 kg 550 kg 1650 kg 2 800 kg
Permissible gross vehicle weight   3490 kg 3490 kg 5000 kg 7200 kg
Deck capacity   5,5 m3 5,5 m3 6,0 m3 8 m3
Lifting capacity of the lifting device 100 kg, 350 kg
Loading mechanism of the deck

hydraulic lateral

The degree of compaction 2 – 5
Type of containers used SM-110; 120; 240 l; 1100 l