SD-1 is particularly useful at the place of storing large amounts of waste with low specific weight.

After making certain modifications, the waste loading system works with conventional containers with the capacity of 7 and 8 m3. The use of the SD-1 garbage truck allows you to achieve the economic benefits of reducing the number of runs to the rubbish dump.

The SD-1 model is manufactured on the three-axle chassis, with a maximum permissible gross vehicle weight of 24-26 tons.


The SD-1 garbage truck consists of a chassis and top. The basic units of the top are:

- the deck

- the rear

- the compaction and transfer mechanism, also called "linear"

- the hook mechanism for lifting containers

- the push out plate

- supports

- hydraulic mechanism

- control mechanism

Principle of operation:

In order to load, the SD-1 garbage truck drives up to the container, so that the arms of the hook mechanism hit the respective pins of the container.

After lifting the arms of the hook mechanism the container is partially raised and brought closer to the edge of the hopper. Then, the tailgate of the container is unlocked and the sling of the tipper is hooked. The container is overturned, and the waste emptied out in the hopper.

The compaction mechanism operates in automatic mode and compresses the waste.  The unloading of the garbage truck takes place by lifting the rear and moving the push out plate towards the back of the vehicle.

Lifting capacity of the lifting device

  • SD-1-1

Dane techniczne produktu SD-1

Chassis type (example) Mercedes 2528
Permissible gross vehicle weight 25 000 kg
Kerb weight 13 000 kg
Weight of carried garbage 12 000 kg
Deck capacity 20 m3
Capacity lifting equipment ok. 2000 kg
Loading capacity: 7 - 8 containers
with total weight up to 2 000 kg