The SK-10 model characteristics:

- working with containers with the capacity of 110 liters to 1100 liters

- the deck capacity from 8 m3 to 10 m3

- the carrying capacity of 4800-5000 kg (on the chassis with permissible gross vehicle weight of 12 tons)

- the deck and the push out plate are secured against the escape of dust

- a sealed hopper – protected against uncontrolled leakage

- ​​the push out and compacting plate is located on easily removable guides made of low-friction material

- the rear loading system is characterized by high-speed action

- the pneumatic suspension of the chassis allows you to change the height of the rear edge of the hopper

- the microprocessor control system of the car hydraulics allows for operation in manual or semi-automatic mode

  • SK-10-1
  • SK-10-2
  • SK-10-3
  • SK-10-4
  • SK-10-5
  • SK-10-6
  • SK-10-7

Dane techniczne produktu SK-10

Chassis type SK-10    
Permissible gross vehicle weight  12 000 kg    
Kerb weight 7000 kg* (depends on chassis)    
Weight of carried garbage 4500-5800 kg*    
Deck capacity 10 m3    
Lifting capacity of the lifting device 650 kg
Loading mechanism of the deck Hydraulic - rear
Waste compacting mechanism hydraulic plate
The degree of compation 1 – 5
Type of containers used

110-1100 liters

PA-1,1; SM-110; 120; 240 l, 1100 l