Sand spreaders and ploughs

The Małopolska Wytwórnia Maszyn Brzesko Sp. z o.o. offers comprehensive range of equipment for companies dealing with winter road maintenance.
In our offer you will find sand spreaders, sand and salt spreaders and a variety of ploughs.

Sand spreaders
Sand spreaders are dedicated to removing glazed frost through spreading sand and chemical agents on the surface of roadway, and in the variant with brine tanks – sprinkling the roadway with brine or moistening sand with brine solution.
They are characterized with a universal structure and easy and reliable operation.
They are independently driven by a high-pressure, air-cooled engine. The engine start-up, conveyor belt movement and spreading head operation is controlled from the driver’s cabin. Spread material dosage and spreading width can be adjusted.
The sand spreaders are manufactured in variants enabling to take full advantage of the carrier-vehicle carrying capacity.

Ploughs are dedicated to clearing roads, streets and squares from snow and slush.
An adequately shaped plough blade, made of plastic of high resistance to snow and slush adherence, throws snow aside to the distance of 2-4 metres. The strike, made of abrasion-resisting rubber or plastic, deviates when hitting an obstacle and returns to its initial position under the influence of springs’ elasticity.
Ploughs can be installed on vehicles of total weight above 12 tons, equipped with an applicable buffer beam (which is delivered with the plough). All operations, like raising, lowering, turning right and left, are controlled from the driver’s cabin.

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