ZK-10 Sweeper

Self-propelled sweeper is designed to sweep streets, squares, in-house roads, pavements, etc. It is built on a special 4-wheel chassis, and both its driving and sweeping systems are propelled hydraulically, whereas the hydraulic system pumps are power driven. Mechanical and air-operated transport of sweepings is what the sweeper’s operation is based on. The sweeper’s basic outfit comprises roll brush, two side plate brushes, water spraying system and air-operated sucking system.

The road sweepings are unloaded into typical 1,100-litre waste containers or 7,000-litre KP-7 containers. 

  • ZK-10 Sweeper -1
  • ZK-10 Sweeper -2
  • ZK-10 Sweeper -3
  • ZK-10 Sweeper -4
  • ZK-10 Sweeper -5

Dane techniczne produktu ZK-10 Sweeper

Weight of empty vehicle 2 500 kg
Maximum sweepings capacity 0,7 m3
Water reservoir capacity 200 dm3
Length 630 mm
Width 1 600 mm
Height 2 430 mm
with one plate brush 1 450 mm
with two plate brushes 1 800 mm
Optimum working speed 2 – 7 km/h
Theoretical sweeping efficiency 3 600 do 12 600 m2
Sweepings allowable weight 1 200 kg
Time of filling up the sweepings container (at average fouling 1 h
Sweeping distance till the time the container is filled up (at average fouling of 200g/m2) 4,5 dm3
Average fuel consumption at sweeping and transportation – 4,5 dm3/hour 4,8 km