Permanent superstructures

Permanent waste removal superstructures on truck chassis of allowable gross mass from 3.5 tons to 26 tons. The vehicles are dedicated to emptying septic tanks and disposal liquid waste, sediments from canals, pits and septic tanks.

The superstructure consists of a steel tank, flexibly fixed on an additional chassis frame, blade compressor, fixtures preventing the compressor from being spilled and from excessive pressure buildup in the tank and suction hoses placed around the tank on racks. The unit’s simple structure enables its operation by one person only.

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Dane techniczne produktu Permanent superstructures

Type of superstructure ZA 3000 ZA 6000 ZA 7500
Type of vehicle chassis (allowable total weight) 6 500 kg 12 000 kg 15 000 kg
Time of tank filling 3000 litrers 6000 litrers 7500 litrers
Depth of sediment suction 5-6 minutes
Length of suction hoses do 6 meters
Compressor drive up to 6 metres
Napęd kompresora Hydraulic
Compressor output Matched to the tank capacity
Allowable operating temperature from -15C to +40C