Narrow gauge locomotives

WLP-50 narrow gauge diesel locomotive is used in mines, building ceramics factories, mining and processing mills and on warehouse yards as a towing and maneuvering equipment. 

The locomotive is characterised by:

- comfort operation(pneumatically controlled brake system and sanders opening installation, stepless change of travel speed, hydraulically controlled change of travel direction, soundproof, sealed and heated operator's booth) 

- perfect traction properties (stepless hydrokinetic transmission - PH1-300.1, hydraulic reverse transmission , rod-crank system replaced with angular transmission units, power transmission with drive shafts)

bumpers and couplers enable co-functioning with anodic bogies of approx. load capacity being 10 Mg and bogies provided with couplers made in accordance with PN-78/G/-46039

- relatively small inconvenience for the environment (low fuel consumption, reduced noise level, eliminated open lubrication systems)

- compact and aesthetic chassis form

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Dane techniczne produktu Narrow gauge locomotives

Technical data:

Maximum towing power with a hook:   24 kN

Diesel engine power:   55 kW

Locomotive drive:   hydrokinetic

Maximum travel speed: 4.7 m/s

Number of drive axes:   2

Drive transmission on the travel wheels:   jointed shafts

Braking system:   pneumatic (traction brake), manual (parking brake)

Track width:   600 mm

Minimum track curvature radius (arch):   12.5 m

Dimensions (length - height - width):   4300 mm x 2140 mm x 1300 mm

Locomotive weight:   8 500 kg