Railroad vehicle DS-1

The vehicle is based on chassis of GR.VEH.VT being 26 tons. The set consists of a crane, by COPMA Polska, enabling rerailment of front, middle and rear sections of a tram, at the full jib's lifting capacity being approx. 20 tons. The set also includes two loading boxes, for transportation of necessary equipment. Travelling along the track is made possible with bogies.

Technical characteristics of DS-1 vehicle:

  • travelling along the track with up to 10 km/h speed
  • hydrostatic drive
  • adjusted to travel along 1000 mm wide track (can be adapted to other track width - pursuant to an individual order)
  • turning rail bends of min. radius being 22 meters and track slope up to 10%
  • energy-saving hydraulic system is used to supply both the crane and the rail travel system
  • moving along the rail track by means of two driven bogies: the front one - single-axial, the back one - biaxial. The back bogie, with one driven axis, has a conversion unit for the wheels, adapting to the track curvature and subgrade irregulaity
  • two sanders improving wheels adhesion during icing or on slippery tracks
  • road travel parameters are identical as for a serial road vehicle.
  • the travel system along the track is controlled from the driver's booth, by means of a controller and a display (view from two cameras)
  • an innovative independent drive system for four wheels of the bogies guarantees effective vehicle traction, in any conditions.


A great advantage of DS-1 is the fact that its chassis and the track travel system can be a basis for other bodyworks, such as, for instance, a movable platform for servicing the contact line, a transport vehicle, a vehicle for subgrades maintenance and repair, etc.

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